Object Concepts, Inc.

Object Oriented Solutions

Since 1996, We have specialized in providing Adept Solutions to companies that require the latest in Software Business Solutions. We can provide the service you need through the use of:

- Proven iterative development techniques

- Effective mentoring of your employees

- The use of the latest in Object Oriented Technologies -- Rational Rose (RUP), UML, and Visio

Past and Present clients include Fortune 500 companies determined to obtain the very best in information technology to maintain their advantages in their respective markets.

Currently, we specialize in Smalltalk or Java applications with a Gemstone, Oracle, or Sybase Database. In addition, we provide design documentation via Rational Rose and UML.

12466 Kingsride Ln.
Houston, TX 77024

Please send inquiries to: webquery at objectconcepts.com